Obsession: Free, Customized Movies for Kids

Right off the bat I have a confession, I have a tendency to get obsessed with projects.  At the moment, I’m completely obsessed with making videos of things that my boys are interested in.  It’s super easy and free for the most part.  Thus, the obsession.

Your video can be anything you like that you can find online.  Maybe you want some classic cartoons you remember from childhood or some videos to reinforce what your little ones are learning.  There are tons of videos on phonics, math, and science available all over the web and Zamzar can convert most of them, including videos from YouTube and Google Video, to something you can use.

I’ve heard from lots of people that they learned a foreign language by watching cartoons.  So, why not make a video of cartoons in the language your kids are learning?  I’ve made four videos of Italian cartoons and my kids eat it up.  Teaching your kids a foreign language has never been more fun!

So here’s how you do it.  First, find the webpage containing the video you want to capture and copy the URL address (command + c on my iMac).  Then, go to www.zamzar.com.  In “Step 1” click “URL” and a box will appear where you simply paste the URL address from your video (command + v).  In “Step 2”, choose the format that works best with your movie editing software.  I use iMovie, so I convert to mp4, but I think mpg is better for Windows Movie Maker.  Next in “Step 3”, simply type in your email address.  Finally in “Step 4”, click convert.  Zamzar will then send you a link to download the now converted and compatible video.  Download it and remember that it is in your downloads folder.  Then get creative with your movie making software and burn your creation to dvd.  Here’s a tip, the free version of Zamzar works best in the morning or late at night.

I’ve made travel videos, foreign language cartoon videos, movies about the presidents, artists, the human body, and beginning math.  I’ve even made them for my boys’ school and some friends.  I can’t stop.  Hello, my name is Kirsten and I’m a Zamzaraholic.


About Peace, Love, and Toys

As a mom of 2, I know that the recipe for a happy child is simply peace, love, and (who are we kidding) toys. I'll try to share my tips on how to get all 3.
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