A Great Father’s Day Gift for Dad & Kids

Last year while at a July 4 party, I discovered a game that was fun for adults and kids, ladder ball. Honestly, it never occurred to me to let the kids play. Why would it? We had sidewalk chalk, bikes, bubbles and lots of other things for them to play with. The adults played a few rounds and then, the moment we sat down, the kids attacked the game. They played for an hour while we parents sat in amazement having only rarely ever seen them so occupied. I’m no fool, I requested a set for my own back yard as a birthday present for my youngest son two weeks later.

My kids, ages 3 1/2 and just 2 that summer, had a blast with their ladder ball set. I confess it is no longer in one piece. It has faded and cracked, but they’ve been pretty hard on it. I think they have had as much fun putting the thin pieces of PVC together in different shapes as they have had actually playing ladder ball.  Most recently, they’ve tried to create mango whackers to knock mangoes out of our tree.  It didn’t work, but it kept them busy for a while!

If you decide to get one, I wouldn’t buy the most expensive brand. Most sets don’t get great reviews because they just don’t hold up, so spend less and you won’t be so upset when yours isn’t in top shape next summer.

Father’s Day is coming up. It is a perfect opportunity to give the dad in your life a gift that he will enjoy playing and that will give him a little break while his kids enjoy playing with his gift.


About Peace, Love, and Toys

As a mom of 2, I know that the recipe for a happy child is simply peace, love, and (who are we kidding) toys. I'll try to share my tips on how to get all 3.
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